Glossary of Yiddish Words & Phrases

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Yiddish is a hybrid language and takes much of its vocabulary from medieval German and Hebrew, but with a smattering of words from Aramaic, Slavic and Romance languages as well. Many of the words come from the specific cultures within Central and Eastern Europe.

Yiddish has a structure all its own. While the language is based on a mixture of Hebrew and medieval German, its alphabet is based on the Hebrew alphabet. The rules of Yiddish are not the same as either of the parent languages.

Yiddish went through a decline in popularity over the past 100 years but has found a resurgence in recent times and is taught at several prominent universities around the world. Next time you use a word of Yiddish origin, remember that you are speaking a foreign language.


N’vayle – Shroud; inept person
Na! – Here! Take it. There you have it.
Naches – Joy: Gratification, especially from children.
Nacht falt tsu. – Night is falling; twilight
Nadan – Dowry
Nafkeh – Prostitute
Nafkeh bay-is – Whorehouse
Naidlechech – Rare thing
Nar – Fool
Nar ainer! – You fool, you!
Narish – Foolish
Narishkeit – Foolishness
Narvez – Nervous
Nebach – It’s a pity. Unlucky, pitiable person.
Nebbish – A nobody, simpleton, weakling, awkward person
Nebechel – Nothing, a pitiful person; or playing role of being one
(A) Nechtiker tog! – He’s (it’s) gone! Forget it! Nonsense! (Lit., a yesterday’s day)
Nechuma – Consolation
Nechvenin – To masturbate
Nem zich a vaneh! – Go take a bath! Go jump in the lake!
Neshomeh – Soul, spirit
Neshomeleh – Sweetheart, sweet soul
Nisht geshtoygen, nisht gefloygen – neither here nor there


Nifter-shmifter, a leben macht er? – What difference does it make as long as he makes a living? (Lit., nifter means deceased.)
Nishkosheh – Not so bad, satisfactory. (This has nothing to do with the word “kosher”, but comes from the Hebrew and means “hard, heavy,” thus “not bad.”
Nisht araynton keyn finger in kalt vaser – Loaf, not do a thing, be completely inactive
Nisht fur dich gedacht! – It shouldn’t happen! G-d forbid! (Lit., May we be saved from it! [sad event] )
Nishtgedeiget – Don’t worry; doesn’t worry
Nisht geferlech – Not so bad, not too shabby (Lit. not dangerous.)
Nishtkefelecht – No big deal!
Nisht gefloygen, nisht getoygen – It doesn’t matter
Nisht gefonfit! – Don’t hedge. Don’t fool around. Don’t double-talk.
Nisht getoygen, nisht gefloygen – It doesn’t fly, it doesn’t fit
Nisht getrofen! – So I guessed wrong!
Nisht gut – Not good, lousy
Nisht naitik – Not necessary
Nishtgutnick – No-good person
Nishtikeit! – A nobody!
Nishtu gedacht! – It shouldn’t happen! G-d forbid!
Nit kain farshloffener – A lively person


Nit ahin, nit aher – Neither here nor there

Nit gidacht! – It shouldn’t happen! (Same as nishtu gedacht)

Nit gidacht gevorn. – It shouldn’t come to pass.

Nit kosher – Impure food. Also, slang, anything not good

Nit heint, nit morgen! – Not today, not tomorrow!

Nito farvos! – You’re welcome!

Nitsn – To use

Noch a mool – One more time

Noch nisht – Not yet

Nochshlepper – Hanger-on, unwanted follower

Nor Got vaist – Only G-d knows.

Nosh – Snack

Nosherie – Snack food

Nu? – So? Well?

Nu, dahf men huben kinder? – Does one have children? (When a child does something bad)

Nu, shoyn! – Move, already! Hurry up! Let’s go! Aren’t you finished?

Nudnik – Pesty nagger, nuisance, a bore, obnoxious person

Nudje – Annoying person, badgerer (Americanism)

Nudjen – Badger, annoy persistently


Ober yetzt? – So now? (Yetzt is also spelled itzt)
Obtshepen – Get rid of
Och un vai! – Alas and alack: woe be to it!
Oder a klop, oder a fortz (taboo) – Either too much or not enough (Lit., either a wallop or a fart)
Oder gor oder gornisht – All or nothing
Ohmain – Amen
Oi!! – Yiddish exclamation to denote disgust, pain, astonishment or rapture
Oi, a shkandal! – Oh, what a scandal!
Oi, gevald – Cry of anguish, suffering, frustration or for help
Oi, Vai! – Dear me! Expression of dismay or hurt
Oi vai iz mir! – Woe is me!
Oif tsalooches – For spite
Oisgeshtrobelt! – Overdressed woman.
Oisgeshtrozelt – Decorated (beautiful)
Oisgevapt – Flat (as in “the fizz has gone out of it.)
Ois-shteler – Braggart
Oiver botel – Absentminded: getting senile
Okurat – That’s right!  Ok! Absolutely! (Sarcastically: Ya’ sure!) 
Okuratner mentsh – Orderly person
Olreitnik! – Nouveau riche!
On langeh hakdomes! – Cut it short! (Lit., without long introductions.)
Ongeblozzen – Conceited: peevish, sulky, pouting


Ongeblozzener – Stuffed shirt
Ongematert – Tired out
Ongepatshket – Cluttered, disordered, scribbled, sloppy, muddled, overly-done
Ongeshtopt – Very wealthy
Ongeshtopt mit gelt – Very wealthy; (Lit., stuffed with money)
Ongetrunken – Drunk
Ongetshepter – Bothersome hanger-on
Ongevarfen – Cluttered, disordered
Onshikenish – Hanger-on
Onshikenish – Pesty nagger
Onzaltsen – Giving you the business; bribe; soft-soap; sweet-talk (Lit., to salt)
Opgeflickt! – Done in! Suckered! Milked!
Opgehitener – Pious person
Opgekrochen – Shoddy
Opgekrocheneh schoireh – Shoddy merchandise
Opgelozen(er) – Careless dresser
Opgenart – Cheated, fooled
Opnarer – Trickster, shady operator
Opnarerei – Deception
Orehman – Poor man, without means
Oremkeit – Poverty
Ot azaih – That’s how, just like that
Ot kimm ich – Here I come!
Ot gaist du – There you go (again)
Oy mi nisht gut gevorn – “Oh my, I’m growing weary.”


Oy vey tsu meina baina – Woe is me (down to my toes)

Oybershter in himmel – G-d in heaven

Oych a bashefenish – Also a V.I.P.! A big person! (said derogatorily, sarcastically, or in pity)

Oych mir a leben! – This too is a living! This you call a living?

Oyfen himmel a yarid! – Much ado about nothing! Impossible! (Lit., In heaven there’s a big fair!)

Oyfgekumener – Come upper, upstart

Oyfn oyg – Roughly, approximately

Oyg oyf oyg – In private, face-to-face

Oys shiddech – The marriage is off!

Oysznoygn fun finger – Concoct, invent (a story)

Oysergeveynlekh – Unusual (sometimes used as “great.”)

Oysgedart – Skinny, emaciated

Oysgehorevet – Exhausted

Oysgematert – Tired out, worn out

Oysgemutshet – Worked to death, tired out

Oysgeposhet – “Well grazed,” in the sense of being fat.

Oysgeputst – Dressed up, overdressed; over decorated

Oysgeshprait – Spread out

Oysgevapt – A bubbly drink that has lost its fizz.

Oysvurf – Outcast, bad person


Paigeren – To die (animal)
Paigeren zol er! – He should drop dead!
Pamelech – Slow, slowly
Parech – Low-life, a bad man
Parnosseh – Livelihood
Parshiveh – Mean, cheap
Parshoin – He-man
Partatshnek – Inferior merchandise or work
Parveh – Neutral food, neither milchidik (dairy) nor flaishidik (meat)
Paskidnye – Rotten, terrible
Paskudnik, paskudnyak – Ugly, revolting, evil person; nasty fellow
 Past nit. – It isn’t proper.
Patsh – Slap, smack on the cheek
Patsh zich in tuchis und schrei “hooray” – Said to a child who complains he/she has nothing to do (slap your backside and yell “hooray”)
Patshkies around – Anglicized characterization of one who wastes time.
Patteren tseit – To lounge around; waste time
Pavolyeh – Slow (derived from Polish)
Payess – Long side-curls worn by Hasidic and other ultra-Orthodox Jewish men.
Payets – Clowns
Petseleh – Little penis
Phooey! fooey, pfui – Designates disbelief, distaste, contempt
Pinkt kahpoyer – Upside down; just the opposite


Pipek – Navel, belly button
Pishechtz – Urine
Pisher – Male infant, a little squirt, a nobody
Pisk – Slang, for mouth; insultingly, it means a big mouth, loudmouth
Pisk-Malocheh – Big talker-little doer! (man who talks a good line but does nothing)
Pitseler – Toddler, small child
Pitshetsh – Chronic complainer
Pitsel – Wee, tiny
Pitsvinik – Little nothing
Plagen – Work hard, sweat out a job, suffer
Plagen zich – To suffer
Plaplen – Chatter Plats! – Burst! Bust your guts out! Split your guts!!
Platsin zuls du – May you explode
Plimenik – Nephew
Plimenitse – Niece
Plotz – To burst
Pluchet – Heavy rain (from Polish “Plucha”)
Plyoot – Bull-shitter; Loudmouth
Plyotkenitzeh – A gossip
Ponem – Face
Poo, poo, poo – Simulate spitting three times to avoid the evil eye
Pooter veren – Getting rid of (Lit: making butter)
Pooter veren fon emitzer – Getting rid of someone; eg: “ich geh’ veren pooter fon ihr” – “I’m going to be getting rid of her!”


Poseyakh – Rolling out dough
Potchke – Fool around or “mess” with
Potzevateh – Dimwit, someone who is “out of it.”
Praven – Celebrate
Preplen – To mutter, mumble
Prezhinitse – Scrambled eggs with milk added.
Prietzteh – Princess; finicky girl; (having airs, giving airs; being snooty) prima donna!
Pripitchok – Long, narrow wood-burning stove
Prost – Coarse, common, vulgar
Prostaches – Low class people
Prostak – Ignorant boor, coarse person, vulgar man
Proster chamoole – Low-class shithead
Prosteh leit – Simple people, common people; vulgar, ignorant, “low class” people
Proster mentsh – Vulgar man, common man
Ptsha – Cows feet in jelly
Pulke – The upper thigh
Pupik – Navel, belly button, gizzard, chicken stomachs
Pupiklech – Dish of chicken gizzards
Pushkeh – Little box for coins
Pustunpasnik – Loafer, idler
Putz – Slang word for “penis.” Also used when describing someone someone as being “a jerk.”
Pyesseh – A play, drama


Rachmones – Compassions, mercy, pity
Rav – Rabbi, religious leader of the community
Reb – Mr., Rabbi; title given to a learned and respected man
Rebbe fon Stutz – A phrase used to explain the unexplainable. Similar to blaming something on the fairies or a mystical being.
Rebiniu – “Rabbi dear!”  Term of endearment for a rabbi
Rebitsin – Literally, the rabbi’s wife (often sarcastically applied to a woman who gives herself airs, or acts excessively pious) ; pompous woman
Rechielesnitseh – Dowdy, gossipy woman
Reden on a moss – To chatter without end


Redn tzu der vant – Talk in vain or to talk and receive no answer (Lit. , talk to the wall for all the good it will do you)
Redlshtul – Wheelchair
Redt zich ayn a kreynk! – Imaginary sickness
Redt zich ayn a kind in boich – Imaginary pregnancy (Imaginary anything)
Reich – Rich, wealthy
Reisen di hoit – Skin someone alive (Lit., to tear the skin)
Reissen – To tear
Retsiche – Murder
Ribi-fish, gelt oyfen tish! – Don’t ask for credit! Pay in cash in advance! Cash on the barrel-head!
Riboynoy-shel-oylom! (Hebrew) God in heaven, Master of the Universe


Richtiker chaifetz – The real article! The real McCoy!
Rirevdiker – A lively person
Rolleh – Role in a play
Rooshisher – Definitely NOT a Litvak; coming from Ukraine, White Russia; the Crimea, Russia itself.
Roseh – Mean, evil person
Rossel flaysh – Yiddish refritos
(A) Ruach in dein taten’s taten arein! – Go to the devil! (Lit., A devil (curse) should enter your father’s father!)
Ruf mich k’nak-nissel! – I did wrong? So call me a nut!
Ruktish – Portable table


S’vet helfen azoy vie a toytn baynkes – Lit: It will help as much as applying cups to a dead person.
S’art eich? – What does it matter to you? Does it matter to you?
Saykhel – Common sense
Schochet – A ritual slaughterer of animals and fowl.
Se brent nit! – Don’t get excited! (Lit., It’s not on fire!)
Se shtinkt! – It stinks!
Se zol dir grihmen in boych! – You should get a stomach cramp!
Sh’ gootzim – Plural of shaigetz
Sha! (gently said) – Please keep quiet.
Shabbes goy – Someone doing the dirty work for others (Lit;, gentile doing work for a Jew on Sabbath)
Shabbes klopper – A resident of a neighbourhood who’s job it was to “klop” or bang on the shutters of Jewish homes to announce the hour of sundown on Friday
Shadchen – Matchmaker or marriage broker. There is the professional type who derives his or her living from it, but many Jewish people engage in matchmaking without compensation.
Shaigitz – Non-Jewish boy; wild Jewish boy
Shaigetz ainer! – Berating term for irreligious Jewish boy, one who flouts Jewish law
Shaile – A question
Shain vi der lavoone – As pretty as the moon
Shain vi di zibben velten – Beautiful as the seven worlds
Shaineh maidel – pretty girl
Shaineh raaineh keporah – Beautiful, clean sacrifice.  Nothing to regret.
Shainer gelechter – Hearty laugh (sarcastically, Some laughter!)
Shainkeit – Beauty
Shaitel, (sheitel) – Wig (Ultra-orthodox married women cover their hair. Some use a shaitel)
Shalach mohnes – Customary gifts exchanges on Purim, usually goodies Shalom – Peace (a watchword and a greeting)
Shamus – Sexton, beadle of the synagogue, also, the lighter taper used to light other candles on a menorah, a policeman (slang)
Shandeh – Shame or disgrace
Shandhoiz – Brothel, whorehouse
Shpatzir – A walk without a particular destination
Shat, shat! Hust! – Quiet! Don’t get excited
Shatnes – Proscription against wearing clothes that are mixed of wool and linen
Shav – Cold spinach soup, sorrel grass soup, sour leaves soup
Shayneh kepeleh – Pretty head (lit) Good looking, good thoughts
Shemevdik – Bashful, shy
Shepen naches – Enjoy; gather pleasure, draw pleasure, especially from children
Shidech (pl., shiduchim) – Match, marriage, betrothal
Shihi-pihi – Mere nothings
Shik-yingel – Messenger
Shikker – Drunkard
Shikseh – Non-Jewish girl
Shitteryne – To cook without a recipe.  Add a little of this, a little of that, a little of something else, without measuring.
Shlissel – A key
Shissel – A basin or bowl
Shitter – Sparse, lean, meager
Shiva – Mourning period of seven days observed by family and friends of deceased
Shkapeh – A hag, a mare; worthless
Shkotz – Berating term for mischievous Jewish boy
Shlak – Apoplexy; a wretch, a miserable person; shoddy; shoddy merchandise


Shlang – Snake, serpent; a troublesome wife; penis (taboo)
Shlatten shammes – Communal busybody, tale bearer; messenger
Shlecht – Bad
Shlecht veib – Shrew (Lit., a bad wife)
Shlemiel – Clumsy bungler, an inept person, butter-fingered; dopey person
Shlep – Drag, carry or haul, particularly unnecessary things, parcels or baggage; to go somewhere unwillingly or where you may be unwanted
Shleppen – To drag, pull, carry, haul
Shlepper – Sponger, panhandler, hanger-on; dowdy, gossipy woman, free-loader
Shlimazel – Luckless person. Unlucky person; one with perpetual bad luck (it is said that the shlemiel spills the soup on the shlimazel!)
Shlog zich kop in vant. – Break your own head! (Lit., bang your head on the wall)
Shlog zich mit Got arum! – Go fight City Hall! (Lit., Go fight with God.)
Shlogen – To beat up
Shlok – A curse; apoplexy
Shlooche – Slut
Shloof – Sleep, nap
Shlosser – Mechanic
Shlub – A jerk; a foolish, stupid or unknowing person, second rate, inferior.
Shlump – Careless dresser, untidy person; as a verb, to idle or lounge around
Shlumperdik – Unkempt, sloppy
Shmaltz – Grease or fat; (slang) flattery; to sweet talk, overly praise, dramatic
Shmaltzy – Sentimental, corny
Shmatteh – Rag, anything worthless
Shmeis – Bang, wallop
Shmek tabik – Nothing of value (Lit., a pinch of snuff)
Shmeer – The business; the whole works; to bribe, to coat like butter
Shmegegi – Buffoon, idiot, fool
Shmeichel – To butter up
Schmeikel – To swindle, con, fast-talk.
Shmendrik – nincompoop; an inept or indifferent person; same as shlemiel
Shmo(e) – Naive person, easy to deceive; a goof (Americanism)
Shmontses -Trifles, folly
Shmooz; (shmuess) – Chat, talk
Shmuck (tabboo) – Self-made fool; obscene for penis: derisive term for a man
Shmulky! – A sad sack!
Shmuts – Dirt, slime
Shmutzik – Dirty, soiled
Shnapps – Whiskey, same as bronfen
Shnecken – Little fruit and nut coffee rolls
Shneider – Tailor; in gin rummy card game, to win game without opponent scoring
Shnell – Quick, quickly
Shnook – A patsy, a sucker, a sap, easy-going, person easy to impose upon, gullible
Shnorrer – A beggar who makes pretensions to respectability; sponger, a parasite
Shnur – Daughter-in-law
Shokklen – To shake
Shoymer – Watchman; historically refers also to the armed Jewish watchman in the early agricultural settlements in the Holy Land
Shoymer mitzves – Pious person
Shoyn ainmol a’ metsei-eh! – Really a bargain
Shoyn fargessen? – You have already forgotten?
Shoyn genug! – That’s enough!
Shpiel – Play
Shpilkes – Pins and needles
Shpits – end, the heel of the bread
Shpitsfinger – Toes


Shpitzik – Pointed sense of humour, witty, sarcastic, caustic
Shpogel nei – Brand-new
Shreklecheh zach – A terrible thing
Shtarben – To die
Shtark, shtarker – Strong, brave
Shtark gehert – Smelled bad (used only in reference to food; Lit., strongly heard)
Shtark vi a ferd – Strong as a horseShteln zikh oyg oyf oyg mit…. – To confront
Shtetl – Village or small town (in the “old country”)
Shtik – Piece, bit: a special bit of acting
Shtik drek (taboo) – Piece of shit; shit-head
Shtik goy – Idiomatic expression for one inclined to heretical views, or ignorance of Jewish religious values
Shtik naches – Grandchild, child, or relative who gives you pleasure; a great joy
Shtikel – Small bit or piece; a morsel
Shtiklech – Tricks; small pieces
Shtilinkerait – Quietly
Shtimm zich- Shut up!
Shtoltz – Pride; unreasonably and stubbornly proud, excessive self-esteem
Shtrafeeren – To threaten
Shtrudel – Sweet cake made of paper-thin dough rolled up with various fillings
Shtuk – Trouble
Shtum – Quiet
(A) Shtunk – A guy who doesn’t smell too good; a stink (bad odor) a lousy human
Shtup – Push, shove; vulgarism for sexual intercourse
Shtup es in toches! (taboo) – Shove (or stick) it up your rectum (ass)!
Shtuss – A minor annoyance that arises from nonsense
Shudden – A big mess
Shul – Colloquial Yiddish for synagogue
Shule – School
Shushkeh – A whisper; an aside
Shutfim – Associates
Shvach – Weak, pale
Shvachkeit – Weakness
Shvantz – tail, penis
Shvartz – Black
Shvegerin – Sister-in-law
Shvengern – Be pregnant
Shver – Father-in-law; heavy, hard, difficult
Shvertz azayan Yid – It’s hard to be a Jew
Shviger – Mother-in-law
Shvindel – Fraud, deception, swindle
Shvindeldik – Dizzy, unsteady
Shvitz – Sweat, sweating
Shvitz bod – Steam bath
Shvoger – Brother-in-law
Sidder – Jewish prayer book for weekdays and Saturday
Simantov – A good sign (lit) Often used with mazel tov to wish someone good luck or to express congratulations
Simcheh – Joy; also refers to a joyous occasion
Sitzfleish – Patience that can endure sitting (Lit., sitting flesh)
Smetteneh – Sour cream; Cream
Sobaka killev – Very doggy dog
Sof kol sof – Finally
Sonem – Enemy, or someone who thwarts your success.
S’teitsh! – Listen! Hold on! How is that? How is that possible? How come?
Strasheh mich nit! – Don’t threaten me!
Strashen net de genz – Lit., Do not disturb the geese. (You are full of yourself and making too much noise)


Ta’am – Taste, flavor; good taste
Ta’am gan eyden – Fabulous (Lit: A taste of the Garden of Eden)
Tachlis – Practical purpose, result
Tahkeh – Really! Is that so? Certainly!
Tahkeh a metsieh – Really a bargain! (usually said with sarcasm)
Taiglech – Small pieces of baked dough or little cakes dipped in honey
Tallis – Rectangular prayer-shawl to whose four corners, fringes are attached
Talmud – The complete treasury of Jewish law interpreting the Torah into livable law
Talmud Torah – The commandment to study the Law; an educational institution for orphans and poor children, supported by the community; in the United States, a Hebrew school for children
Tamavate – Feebleminded
Tamaveter – Feebleminded person
Tandaitneh – Inferior
Tararam – Big noise, big deal
Tashlich – Ceremony of the casting off of sins on the Jewish New Year (crumbs of bread symbolizing one’s sins are cast away into a stream of water in the afternoon of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashoneh)
Tateh, tatteh, tatteh, tatteleh, tatinka, tatteniu – Father, papa, daddy, pop
Tateh-mameh, papa-mama – Parents
Tatenui – Father dear (The suffix “niu” in Yiddish is added for endearing intimacy; also, G-d is addressed this way by the pious; Tateniu-Foter means G-d, our Father
Tchotchkes – Little playthings, ornaments, bric-a-brac, toys
Teier – Dear, costly, expensive
Tei-yerinkeh! – Sweetheart, dearest
Temp – Dolt
Temper kop – Dullard
Ti mir nit kayn toyves – “Don’t do me any favours” (sarcastic)
Tinef – Junk, poorly made
T’noim – Betrothal, engagement


Toches – Buttocks, behind, fanny (ass)
Toches ahfen tish! – Put up or shut up! Let’s conclude this! (Lit., Asses on the table!)
Toches in droissen – Bare behind
Toches-lecker – Brown-noser, apple-polisher, ass-kisser
Togshul – Day school
Toig ahf kapores! – Good for nothing! It’s worth nothing!
Traif – Forbidden food, impure, contrary to the Jewish dietary laws, non-kosher
Traifener bain – Jew who does not abide by Jewish law (derisive, scornful expression
Traifeneh bicher – Forbidden literature
Traifnyak – Despicable person; one who eats non-kosher food
Trefn oyfn oyg – To make a guess
Trenen – To tear, rip
Trepsverter – Lit. step words. The zinger one thinks of in retreat. The perfect retort one summons after mulling over the insult.
Trogedik – Pregnant
Trog gezunterhait! – Wear it in good health!
Trombenik – A bum, no-good person, ne’er-do-well; a faker
Tsaddik – Pious, righteous person
Tsalooches – Spite
Tsaloochesnik – Spiteful person
Tsatskeh – Doll, plaything; something cute; an overdressed woman; a sexy girl
Tsatskeleh der mamehs! – Mother’s favorite! Mother’s pet!
Tsebrech a fus! – Break a leg!
Tsedrait – Nutty, crazy, screwy
Tsedraiter kop – Bungler
Tseereh – Face (usually used as put-down)
Tseeshvimmen – Blurred
Tsegait zich in moyl – It melts in the mouth, delicious, yummy-yummy
Tsemishnich – Confusion
Tsemisht – Confused, befuddled, mixed-up
Tsevishen-shtotisheh telefonistkeh – Long distance operator 


Tshatshki – Toy, doo-dad
Tshepen – To annoy, irk, plague, bother, attack
Tsigeloisen – Compassionate, rather nice
Tsiklen zich – The cantor’s ecstatic repetition of a musical phrase
Tsimmes – Sweet carrot compote; (slang) a major issue made out of a minor event
Tsitsa makher – A person who is always upset and disappointed. “Commonly, elderly Jews who are often disappointed in life, sit around all day saying “Tsi Tsa, Tsi Tsa, Tsi Tsa”.” (One comedian described it as sounding like a swarm of grasshoppers.)
Tsitskeh – Breast, teat, udder
Tsivildivit – Crazy, wild, overwhelmed with too many choices
Tsnueh – Chaste
Tsores – Troubles, misery
Tsu undzer tsukunft tzuzamen – To our future together.
Tsutsheppenish – Hanger-on; unwanted companion; pest; nuisance
Tsum glik, tsum shlimazel – For better, for worse
Tsumakhn an oyg – To fall asleep
Tsvilling – Twins
Tu mir a toiveh. – Do me a favor.
Tu mir nit kain toives. – Don’t do me any favors.
Tumel – Confusion, noise, uproar
Tumler – A noise-maker (person); an agitator
Tut vai dos harts – Heartbroken
Tzadrait – Scattered
Tzedakeh – Spirit of philanthropy; charity, benevolence
Tziginner bobkes – Jocular, truly valueless. Also used to describe black olives. Lit: goat droppings
Tziter – To tremble
Tziterdik – Tremulous or trembling
Tzitzis – Fringes attached to the four corners of the tallis
Tzufil! – Too much! Too costly!
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